Geography Final 7th Grade Study Guide

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, India Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Geography and Culture Study Guide
Structure of the assessment
Part A70-80 Multiple Choice/Fill-in-the-Blank/Matching Questions Part B2-4 Short Answer Questions

These are not the only terms you will need to know but should provide you with a faremework:

Part A- Vocabulary Words
chernozemshoguntaigaczarcommand economy
collective farmsupranomadyurtprivatization
canopyoasisdesertificationcash cropsamurai
raistateless societyapartheidcommoditydiversify
wadissalt flatdrip irrigationdesalinizationfossil water mosquetheocraticalluvial plainarchipelagoatoll
tsunamicyclonestorm surgeestuaryraj
caste systemmandalatyphoonconstitutional monarchy
dynastyeconomic tigersamuraiescarpmentrift valley

Part B
Important themes and ideas from our course
You should be able to explain each of the concepts below as well as provide concrete examples to fit each one. Five Themes of GeographyBuddhismPalestinian and Israeli Conflict HinduismShintoOil and Water

ConfucianismIslamGangetic Plain
Berlin ConferenceEmpires of AfricaNorth European Plain
Georgia and ChechnyaTurkey and ArmeniaMonsoon
Armenia and AzerbaijanEmpires of IndiaUighurs
Chinese MinoritiesFlooding3 Gorges

Part B- Short Answer

1. What are the issues that have led to the Aral Sea shrinking? How have these issues created problems in the region? 2. What are causes of the dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir? How can the problems be resolved? 3. How does the history of blacks in South Africa closely parallel the history of blacks in the United States? 4. What features of the geography of Africa prevent movement of people and goods, as well as human interaction? What features of geography allow movement and interaction? 5. Nearly all of Africa was occupied by European imperialists during the 1800s.  Do you believe that European colonialism...
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