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Genetics Exam 3

By | April 2012
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Genetic Improvement Test 3 Study Guide

1. What are the three repeating units of DNA?
a. Deoxyribose, phosphate group, nitrogen base
2. If a DNA strand contains 35% Thymine, then what percent of Guanine, Adenine, and Cytosine does it contain? b. Guanine = 15%
c. Adenine = 35%
d. Cytosine = 15%
3. Which bases are pyrimides?
e. Cytosine and Thymine
4. Which bases are purines?
f. Adenine and Guanine
5. What is Chargaff’s rule?
g. Each parent “donates” the correct number of chromosomes to their offspring 6. In Appaloosa horses, which sex has a brighter coloration and which sex related trait is this an example of? h. Male

i. Sex influenced trait
7. How can it be determined if a rooster carries good genes for egg production? j. Look at both the mother and sisters and see if they are good egg producers; If so the rooster will pass on the superior genes to his offspring 8. What is the “Central Dogma” theory of genetics?

k. DNA indirectly codes for proteins
9. What is the role of tRNA in translation?
l. Transfer amino acid to Ribosome so AA can be polymerized into protein 10. What is the ribosomes role in translation?
m. Packaging—translates mRNA in 5’ to 3’ direction 11. What is the relationship between proteins and enzymes? (explain each and how they relate to one another) n. Enzymes are more efficient versions of proteins, dealing specifically with chemical reactions o. Proteins deal with metabolic activity while enzymes are biological catalysts that accelerate biochemical reactions 12. What is on the bottom of a tRNA?

p. Anti-codon
13. How is mRNA made and what is the template structure?
q. DNA splits at the gene that needs to be activated and mRNA compliments DNA r.

14. What is the role of mRNA in translation?
s. Carry information from...

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