Generation Z Executive Presentation

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Generation Z is a young but mighty group of consumers under the age of 18. Their personal disposable income is higher than previous generations. However, the bigger point for marketers is this group's influence. By the time they reach college, they have accumulated 300 or more friends on Facebook and hold significant sway with the purseholders (aka parents). In addition, they are the most technologically advanced generation in history. Who is Generation Z?

* Teens, tweens and children born between 1995 and 2010 (ages 2-17) *

4 Defining Traits & Behaviors
1) Competing for AttentionGrowing up with Internet, cell phones, laptops and other devices creates a challenge for parents / companies to get Gen Z’s attention * More than half of kids age 8-18 own a cell phone (US) * Kids spend average of 1.6hrs online a day (Norton) * Avg Gen Z has 3+ windows open at any time| 2) Design MattersAs adept media multitaskers, Gen Z has a desire for multifunctional devices with simple & interactive designs * Interactive, stimulating activities are favored in contrast to TV * | 3) Constant ConnectionGen Z prefers communicating through social networks & instant messaging (Texts). Email is considered so “yesterday”| 4) Social ResponsibilityAccess to large online information pool has made Gen Z acutely aware of modern day challenges * 74% of teenagers globally consider climate change to be a greater threat than drugs, violence or war|

Best Practice Examples
Shazam| Apple iOS| #Bullymovie | Tom’s Shoes|
What:Why it works:| What: Why it works: | What: Twitter campaign to change Bully movie from R to PG-13Why it works:| What: Shoe company that donates 1 pair of shoes for every purchaseWhy it works: |

Gen Z Misses & Watch outs


* Be ready to Compete for Attention
* Message should come across quickly and succinctly, not a 3-minute...
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