Gender in Education

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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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Why should we learn gender issue? Because this issue is also a product of culture. It means that gender issue happen because of human behaviour, and usually it is related to unequality in the society. Students in Britain or in States learn from their school that there is human right that means there should be no descrimination among people. They also learn that people shoul have equal opportunities and understand their rights and responsibilities. Gender is sometimes defined as sex and actually its term more than just a sex. If gender differences mean sex diffeences between a man and a woman, but gender inequalities are behavioral differences between man and woman that is socially and culturally constructed. Gender defferences will eventually cause gender inequalities in many apects of the human life such as in education, workplaces and society.

Gender In Education
1. Short Historical Perspectives On Gender and Education Before 1960s According to Cole (2000) the education in the nineteenth (19th) century was organized along the lines of a social class. Girls rarely features in general histories of mass schooling. For instance, there are a number historical documents on woman struggle to get access to secondary and higher education. Some researcher noted that around the 19th century there were a few school for girls. Girls were less likely to be sent to school, between boys and girls did not have the same access to a common curriculum. Also in 1960 the boys are focus on goverment but girls are at home. Around the 1900s, the school curriculum still differentiated between boys and girls. Girls had given lessson related to housework and to being a mother, but the boys were not. During the time, the government stated that women were different with men; not only biologically but socially, intelectually and psychologically. Because of the statement, there were improvement that occured gradually in spite of the rise is only in general social question,...
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