Geek Squad

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Cluster 1

VIDEO CASE 3: Geek Squad: A New Business for a New Environment

Question A:
Describe how technology has changed in the past five years.

Over the past few years technology has changed and had significant impact on the way we live. Almost everyone has a smart phone, regardless of age or social status. We text and email instead of talk, because it faster and convenient. We can rent movies with a click of the button and stream it to our device or home. Everything is based on internet and although prices aren’t cheap, everyone can afford something that suits their budget. I have also noticed that our textbook uses bar scan, assuming that everyone has a smart phone to retrieve it. Tablets, which are like mini computers, absolutely took over the market. Even small children know how to operate them. They are easy to use, convenient and have all the things needed in one place. You are able to connect to people from all over the world in seconds. Not only you can hear them, but you can also see them. Things that seemed to be impossible a few years back now are only one click of a button away. The cars are equipped in road maps and phone systems, so it makes our driving more safe and helpful. We probably think it can’t get any better, but we are almost guaranteed to be introduced to a new phenomenon at least once every few months.

Question B:
Have you observed other changes in consumers, competitors, regulations, or the economic environment related to consumer electronics.

Along with rapidly improving technology, needs and wants of anybody that is influenced by it are increasing as well. People are changing the way they live, shop and function on daily basics. Our lives are run by technology and make them so much easier. We are able to do so much more in the shorter amount of time. We also are spoiled, because there are a lot of options out on the market, which makes it more competitive place for different companies. They...
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