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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Great Gasby notes 2/1/13
[ telephone] [ telephone] [Themes] - dinner White- daisy and Jordan $ - Tom > daisy Purity (Mistress) Green Light- daisy Cheating v. Valley of Ashes -angry

[EAST EGG]. [WEST EGG] Richer. Newcomers to wealth Hard working "Old money". " New money" Humble > born rich, inheritance. Work for it. Goals

[Grow up a fool]. Narration-present Ignorance is bliss. > story- past
Innocent > present


WWI Family Values
Midwest- Minnesota - Narrator
(Moral fiber)

Yale- wrote for newspaper
Reflecting on experiences. WEST EGG
Bonds salesmen
Reserved judgement

[Tom]/ foil Gasby]

[Myrtle Wilson]
Married to George Wilson
Having an affair with Tom
Un satisfied with her life

[George Wilson]
Hopeless owner of auto shop at the edge of the valley
Married to myrtle

Myrtle sister

[Jay Gasby]
A "newly rich"
Throws some wild parties
Nicks neighbor
Lives in a "gaudy" mansion

New York [blue collar]. [whote collar] - place of freedom. Work with hands. Work with mind - place of secrecy

Valley of ashes
- home to poor people outcast by cities
- place where ashes from cities are dumped
- valley of...
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