Gardners Theory

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Psychology, Intelligence Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Gardner’s Theory supports the research that states separate parts of the brain are responsible for specific intelligences, but they work in conjunction with each other to learn and accomplish new tasks. This is significant because each part of the brain and its intelligence can rely on other parts of the brain to get problems solved. With Gardner’s theory, there are 7 types of intelligence. The first is Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. This intelligence is normally associated with science and math. Second on the list is Linguistic Intelligence. Linguistic intelligence can be described as the ability to fluently maneuver words in a way to express yourself through speaking regularly or poetically. You can also use this form of intelligence to remember information. Next on the list is Spatial Intelligence. This is where an individual can create images to solve problems It is believed by Gardner that blind children form this type of intelligence ( I’m intrigued about this, and will research more on how blind children can accomplish this). Musical Intelligence is next. This is the ability to recognize and write musical tones, pitches, and rhythms. An interesting fact is that you need auditory functions to recognize pitch & tone, but not rhythm. Moving on, Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence is the ability to use your mental thoughts to control your body movements. The sixth intelligence is Interpersonal. This is best described as the ability to sense feelings & intentions of others. Immediately I thought of how animals act once they get around people, or how they act when we get around them. Last but not least, there is Intrapersonal Intelligence. Intrapersonal Intelligence is the understanding of your own feelings and reasoning. I listed all seven intelligences. Each intelligence can be used with other intelligences to obtain & store new info on how to accomplish a new task. Out of the seven intelligences the two that work closely with me are...
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