Funding Policy Study Guide: Ref Exam 4

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Study guide for exam 4 Funding Policies

1. What are the three funding policies?
Annual (severable service contracts)– O&M & MILPER, 12 months, expenses, total amount Incremental – RDT&E (only in fiscal year) rationing
Full Funding – Procurement and MILCON (12 month funded delivery period), MS B, comptrollers fund PROC programs (“investments”)

2. What is a Full Funding Policy?
Year to Year

3. Does the full funding policy require total procurement quantities for the life of the program? No (it is not for a usable end item)

4. What are the exceptions to the full funding policy? (FRPDR MS ABC AcStrat) Advance Procurement Exception - LLI
Multi Year Procurement (MTY ex) – single contract for specific quantity end item delivered greater than one year, not more than 5 (congressional approval)

5. What are the types of material release?
Full Release

6. Full funding policy exception policy needed when contract delivery exceeds 12 month period? Multiyear Procurement – SECDEF involvement
Significant savings
Stable reqs
Stable design
Confidence in cost
Commitment by service
Confidince in contractor
Promote national security

7. MYP Cancellation cost – not budgeted (>100m req 30 day written notice)

8. Go into operational inventory Product improvements – procurement Funds in the FYDP – can be moved
Destroyed - RDT&E

Product improvements - DIP (determine mod, install mod, and purchase mod)

9. What are the benefits of multi-year procurements?
Brings stability to the acquisition and budgeting process for the bot the Ktr and GOV

10. Only funds ____________ can be reprogrammed?
“Currently Available”

11. What are the four types of reprogramming?
Congressional Prior Approval
Below threshold reprogramming – same req no change in purpose (same appropriation) Congressional Notification
Internal Reprogramming -3 – moving POM/FYDP is not reprogramming (NOT INTERNAL TO THE PROGRAM!) it is a realignment (USD (C) approval)

12. ______________ Reprogramming Action usually done by Services as part of an Omnibus reprogramming submission Congressional Prior Approval

13. _____________ Reprogramming that requires 30 day notification Congressional Notification – new procurement 10yrs) - not available

15. Government initiates a _________________ when there is an indication that a needed industrial capability could be lost. Defense Industrial Capabilities Analysis (ICA)

16. Special Priorities assistance requires:
Urgent need for the item
Applicant made reasonable effort to resolve
Timeliness to allow for solution

17. The GOV needs to understand_______________ as it applies as a barrier to subcontractor management Privity of Contract

18. What are the 4 fundamental factors impacting producibility? System Design
Inspection method

19. Is a stable process that has the same normal distribution at all times? Variation

20. Machine vibration, slight variation in raw materials, temperature fluctuations, Human variation in setting control dials Common Causes - management

21. BLRIP IOT&E (T&E) confirm that items are ______________ and ______________ for combat. Effective - KPPs
Suitable - logisitic illities

22. Production Quality will have to be ____________ and ___________. Capable / Under Control

23. After the president’s budget is submitted to Congress, three basic activities must be completed Budget resolution – non binding (HBC – SBC)
Authorization-Permission, NDAA (HASC – SASC – joint conference) Appropriation-Payments, (HAC – SAC - Joint Conference)

24. What are your appeals to the congressional Mark?
Same phase (authorization or appropriation)
President’s budget

25. Post Deployment Review?
PM conducts (assess cost, performance, and support parameters) MC

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