Fundamentals of Communication Chapter 2 Summary

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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In reading through Chapter 2, it was interesting to learn how we base many things in our life on the way we view things.
Perception is a process in which we interpret our experiences and use them to understand how we communicate with others. Many people could experience the same identical situation, but could perceive them on a completely different level. To some it may leave a positive impression and to others, a negative outcome could happen. The experiences we encounter all differ from person to person. A lot of this is from past personal experience we have encountered. For instance, if someone was in a car accident as a child, he/she may never want to learn how to drive. Negative experiences can forever cause negative expectations.

In going back to the “Me Bag” presentation, I described myself as an honest, motivated, single mother who wanted to make a change for my family. I described the happiness I get from being around family and how I have survived some experiences in life that most would not want to experience. Others may have perceived me as a nervous, quiet person who was looking for sympathy. Just from the way my voice changed during my presentation, I’m sure it left a negative impression on people. Different stimuli affect people differently.

Stereotypes and prejudice is something that I have experienced before. Being a single mother with three children is a hard situation to handle sometimes when living in a small town. Those who really know me and my situation know how hard I have worked to provide my children with the necessities they need to survive. Most people assume that I live on state aid. I don’t receive any help from the state, but I have been placed in this “social stereotype” because the media covers topics on this all the time. It’s an unfair situation for me and I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try to prove myself, someone will always think less of me. Trying to change how people view you is a difficult...
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