Fst Midterm Key

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1) The most basic view of food
is to consider it as

2) Kosher foods:

a) A status symbol

a) Cannot contain pork*

b) Fuel to provide energy*

b) Must be blessed by a Rabbi

c) A cultural identity

c) Cannot include any ruminants

d) Kosher

d) Cannot include alcohol

3) The major components of
food include all of the
following EXCEPT

4) Corned beef is a national
dish associated with what

a) Water

a) Ireland*

b) Protein

b) Scotland

c) Vitamins*

c) China

d) Carbohydrates

d) Mexico

e) Fat



5) Oreos are Kosher.
a) True*
b) False

6) The development of fire,
communication, and cooking
are events that accelerated
the evolution of humans as
compared to other animals
a) True*
b) False

7) Industrialization of the
food industry in the 1600s
caused an exponential
increase in the world
a) True
b) False*

8) To become Kosher
certified, every subunit of
the food must be Kosher.

a) True*
b) False



9) The concept of “Yin” and
“Yang” is associated with

10) Yang refers to the shady
side of the mountain.

a) Hot and cold foods
b) Balanced diets leading to good health

a) True

c) Diseases caused by unbalanced diets

b) False*

d) All of the above*

11) Which is the most common
reason for rejecting a food
by consumers?

12) Which has been defined as
the 5th taste?

a) Texture*

a) Umami*

b) Flavor

b) Spicy

c) Appearance

c) Sweet

d) Smell

d) Astringency
e) Bitter



13) The three sensory quality
factors of foods are texture,
flavor, and appearance

a) True*
b) False

15) Sensory evaluation can be
applied to more than foods,
for example perfumes and

14) As you get older your
sense of taste declines
a) True
b) False*

16) The human eye sees red,
green and blue
a) True*
b) False

a) True*
b) False



17) In consumer preference
testing, panels are composed
of untrained consumers.

18) The combined sensation
perceived via the chemical
senses in the mouth and nasal
cavity is
a) Smell

a) True*
b) False

b) Taste
c) Flavor*
d) Pungency

19) Humans are genetically
programmed to prefer sour
and bitter foods better than
sweet and salty foods.

20) Pungency is perceived as
an irritation by
a) Taste buds
b) Olfactory bulbs

a) True
b) False*

c) Trigeminal nerve*
d) None of the above



21) Approximately how many
different odors can the nose
a) ~10

22) Choose the correct
ranking of the degree of
sweetness for the following
three sugars:

b) ~100

a) Sucrose > Glucose > Fructose

c) ~1000

b) Fructose > Sucrose > Glucose*

d) ~10000*

c) Glucose > Fructose > Sucrose

23) The brown color and
good flavors we get from
toasted bread are due to
a) Retrogradation
b) The Maillard reaction*
c) Rancidity
d) Hydrolysis

24) Which of the following
is NOT an artificial
a) Aspartame
b) Sucralose
c) Saccharin
d) Lactose*
e) Cyclamate



25) Which artificial
sweetener is NOT
permitted in foods in the
a) Aspartame
b) Sucralose
c) Saccharin
d) Cyclamate*

27) Whole grains are defined
to contain:

26) Corn can be converted into
higher value products which
a) Starch
b) Corn sweeteners
c) Ethanol
d) Corn oil
e) All of the above*

28) Which is the number one
food grain grown in the U.S.
and the world?

a) Bran

a) Barley

b) Endosperm

b) Wheat

c) Germ

c) Corn*

d) All of above*

d) Rice



29) This person developed “granola”
and “granose” flakes, and later
created a cereal company with his
a) C.W. Post
b) Dr. J.C. Jackson
c) Ellen White

30) Soluble fibers are
associated with lowering
blood cholesterol and blood
a) True*
b) False

d) Dr. John Kellogg*

31) The three main...
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