Front Office Operation

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Front Office Operations
Adam Fikis Week #6

* Definition: An agreement reached between a supplier and a traveler or travel agent or a clerical or electronic process whereby a seat, a room, a berth or other accommodation is withdrawn from sale and set aside for the use of a specific person, often on payment of a deposit. Reservations Outcomes

* Guest Perspective
* Having a guestroom ready and waiting when they arrive * Should not be just any room, but the room that best meets the guest needs expressed during the reservations process. * Hotel Perspective

* The reservations process should provide the highest occupancy and the room revenue possible. Reservation and Sales
* Before Automation:
* Agents focused on room availability information.
* Not able to identify room type.
* Agents would note special request on the reservation. * Certain bedding type, smoking, non-smoking, scenic view * Front desk fulfill such request at the time of check-in. * At the same time agents were responsible for maximizing occupancy & revenue * Incentives were provided to sell higher priced rooms during check-in. * After Automation:

* Agents can review room and rate information for specific dates * Request for specific room types, location, and special features can be immediately acknowledged and quickly confirmed as a part of the reservations process. * Agent create an image of the hotel to the callers

* Reservations agents are not order takers and are trained in sales techniques. * Reservation now is viewed as part of sales department. Role of the Sales Department in Reservations

* Primary Source of Reservations
* Group Sales Managers or Representatives create group reservations * Corporations, trade associations or SMERF(Sports, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal) * Actual reservations may go the reservations department by phone, fax, website etc. * Sales office originated the sale

* Sales Department also generate sales from other markets * Transient, Corporate, Leisure etc.
* A major function of the Sales department is to familiarise local businesses and travel agencies about the benefits and features of the property. * Depending on the type of hotel
* Sales Managers maybe assigned to work with travel agencies, Internet websites, and other reservations distribution outlets * Distribution channels should be familiar with the hotel’s characteristics and surrounding areas * To create a positive impression of the property and the travel destination * Sales Managers are often provided with financial or other incentives for meeting or exceeding their sales goals. * Sales objectives and incentives (including promotions) are now related to revenue rather than room sales as previously done in the past. Types of Reservations

* Guaranteed Reservations: (A guaranteed reservation assures the guest that the hotel will hold a room until a specific time of the day following the guest’s scheduled arrival date.) * Prepayment

* A room reservation in which guests, prior to their arrival, provide payment for their rooms. Sometimes referred to as an “advanced deposit” reservation. * Credit Cards
* Reservations are secured by a credit card number. In exchange for your card number, the hotel promises to have a room for you no matter when you show up on the day. * Advance Deposits

* Requires that the guest pays the hotel a specified amount prior to arrival, usually large enough to cover 1 night’s room and taxes. * Travel Agent
* Travelers pay the agency in advance for transportation and room charges; and the agency in turn guarantees the reservation. * Corporate
* A corporation entering into an agreement with an hotel,...
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