Frequency Distribution

Topics: Shoe size, Frequency distribution, Shoe Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: August 29, 2012
I found the concept on frequency distribution using Google and the search words “frequency distribution” at This website is geared towards younger people and therefore breaks down frequency distribution into very basic terms: values and their frequency (how often each value occurs). The website uses the example of a child’s soccer team and how many goals they scored in recent games. For the assignment this week, I have chosen to use the raw data of shoe sizes of my co-workers and how often these shoe sizes occur and show how to put them into a frequency distribution table. Because there are only 4 females in my division, I have stuck with only the male shoe sizes of 20 co-workers. Raw Data


Each raw data value is now placed into a class. Since my range of data is small, I’m going to use single data values. Distribution Table
Class LimitsTallyFrequency
Total: 20

This can also be done in excel by following the instructions for a categorical frequency table for qualitative or discrete data on page 2-15 (49) of our textbook. Taking it a step forward, the information can then be used in a pie chart to visually see the frequency of each shoe size.
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