French Slang

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French Slang
What does it all mean?

allumé(e) (adj.)
[pic]drunk [pic]lit: lit up
++ [pic]to fuck [pic]This sense has almost replaced the earlier one of "to kiss", which in contemporary French is "embrasser". Do not use "baiser" to mean "to kiss" if you don't want to be misunderstood! bander (verb, intransitive)

[pic]to have a hard-on [pic]bander is commonly used for a bow drawn taut to let the arrow fly. Somehow the erect penis, hopefully hard, may have a similarity to a bow - just as in "tirer un coup" it is similar to a loaded gun. bander is not used with a direct object, but it can certainly be followed by a number of metaphors: bander comme un cerf (hard as a deer), comme un tigre (like a tiger). A particularly popular African wood with definite (and sometimes dangerous) aphrodisiac properties is know as "bois bandé". It is likely that in an intimate setting Abélard might have said to Héloïse "je bande pour toi" (i have a boner for you),and in the same setting she would be proud that he is "un bandeur", but in normal social intercourse it would not be considered appropriate to use any of those terms. However, the reverse would be quite possible: "débander", i.e., literally to become limp again, is also used metaphorically for "to chicken out". "Alors, mec, tu débandes?" - "Are you chicken?". BCBG (noun phrase, used as an adjective, both genders)

[pic]prim and proper (literally). [pic]Prim and proper translates easily into bourgeois, upper middle-class, excessively formal, conservative,and, by and large, stuffy. French society hangs on to a large number of formalities that make the appearance of individuals (in terms of the language they use,the clothes they wear, the company they keep, the attitudes they affect)incredibly important. The proverb "l'habit fait le moine" (you judge the monk by his clothes, i.e.the book by its cover), although it can also be used in the negative (l'habit ne fait pas le moine)has some truth for most people. Female politicians, in particular, are expected to look very BCBG if they want to be successful...otherwise, they might be considered akin to fishmongers, using vulgar language like the first female prime minister, Edith Cresson, who was judged more by her appearance than by anything else...negatively, of course. Even though she was, on the whole, very BCBG, and only mimicked popular forms of speech. BCBG

[pic]Used to describe something very chic [pic]Acronym for "Bon chic, bon genre". Originally used to describe high fashion, or the ultimate in good taste. Now often used disparagingly to describe pretentious "yuppies". bigornette (noun; fem)

+ [pic]cocaine/horse [pic]litt. translation: a fight. Prendre de la bigornette. bite, bitte
+ [pic]cock, prick [pic]"Bitte" has the literal sense of "bollard". bloblos (noun, feminine, plural)
+ [pic]large, fat, drooping boobs [pic]The word can be considered somewhat vulgar - except to males drooling on big-chested women who obviously have not chosen the artificial firmness of silicone. In fact, "bloblos" is a vulgarizing variation of a word found commonly in children's language, "lolos", the source of milk, commonly known as "du lolo". Songwriter Serge Gainsbourg made ample use of "les lolos de lola" in his songs about dreamgirl Lola Rastaquouère (obviously not his wife, Jane Birkin, considering herself the most flat-chested actress in show business). bordel (masc. noun)

+ [pic]chaos, shit; literally 'brothel' [pic]better when preceded by 'putain de' bosser (v)
[pic]to work [pic]Very commonly used expression referring to working at one's job. bourré,e
[pic]pissed, drunk [pic][buRe] A very commonly used variation of "ivre" branlage
++ [pic]wanking (noun), masturbation
++ [pic]a wank, an act of masturbation
branleur, branleuse (noun)
+ [pic]wanker, insignificant or stupid person [pic]mildly offensive brouter le cresson...
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