French Revolution 1789

Topics: French Revolution, Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: March 18, 2013
I. From Estates General to General Assembly
II. Rising of Paris and Revolution in the countryside
III. Principles of 1789
IV. The October Days

I. From Estates General to National Assembly
Harvest Crisis: Popular (higher classes) had riots
oFrench army was already stretched, state reluctant to use it oCahier delonces created HUGE expectations on the Estates-General, “the great hope” •1789 characterized by new sovereignty and also violence

Euphoria of deputies turned to frustration
oDeputies missed opportunity to assert leadership while King was still well accepted •Stalemate developed ever whether Orders should meet )& vote) separately or together •Leaders emerged amoung deputies of Third Estate; but “patriots” amoung representatives of all three orders oThe third estate figured out thery were going to have separate votes •Stalemate broken by revolutionary steps; first on June 10 & second on June 17 •Discussion: “Declaration on the National Assembly”

oThird Estate should not remain inactive since they already represent 96% of the nation oWant to call it “the National Assembly” because they are asserting the idea that sovereignty is theirs, not in King (revolutionary idea) oFirst Act: Tell public to continue paying taxes, shows they’ve taken over the finances oMeeting Hall is locked with a note saying that King requests their presence for ___ •Discussion: “Tennis Court Oath”

oThe National Assembly decide to take an oath while there shelterd from the rain in a tennis Court oDuty to
Establish and consolidate a constitution
Keep monarchy
Wherever they are, is where the national assembly is, nothing can stop their deliberations •For some (sieyes, etc. ) constitution needs to be made from scratch, others think that the existing one needs to be fixed •Luis XVI presented intelligent reform program at Royal Session, June 23, but too little, to little •Deputies of Third Estate refuse to separate after the session •Facing Genertal...
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