French- Napoleon Sprite Sheet

Topics: French Revolution, Reign of Terror, Jean-Paul Marat Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Historical era: French revolution, napoleon time span: 18th century S| *French revolution- starving peasants who had no rights like freedom of speech and were exploited, huge class gap-There was social turmoil, people received more rights based upon enlightenment ideals, many people died, women became more involved in non household duties, Everyone is equal, and class lines were not recognized so everyone was referred to as "citizen". Bread Riots; Crazy Fish Ladies; Charlotte Corday killing Jean-Paul Marat; -everyone is still equal, Thermidorran Reaction continued, White Terror against Jacobins*napoleon- Throughout his career, Napoleon dominated Europe. One of his many tactics was to appeal to the people, which he mastered and used it often. In the beginning he used this tactic to get to his “Emperor” status. Another key “Social” point lies in his Egyptian campaign of 1798-99, in which he discovered the Rosetta Stone. That find was extremely essential gaining an enormous amount of knowledge about the Egyptians and their early societies. Another key part to his success with the people was his intelligence and deception skills.| P| *French revolution-A shrubby, indecisive king, a hard partying foreign queen, and partying of nobles who ruled the peasants badly, lots of wars, acceleration of the rights of man, American Revolution-The Constitutional government was more representative of the people, many political opponents of the revolution were killed, the government was more centralized then became unstable, there was political turmoil, other countries wanted to end the violence so they went to war with the revolutionaries.; Robespierre, Danton and Marat led the Committee of 12 or the Committee on Public Safety which guided the government. Sans culottes and Jacobins very important in Parliament in Paris. Thermidorran reaction where Robespierre is overthrown and...
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