French and Indian War

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French and Indian War

The French become friends with the Native Americans and they help them in this war. Both of them are against the British.
The French gives the Native Americans guns. This makes them (N.A.) want to stay friendly with them. The Wars of Imperialism are fought for: 1. Territory 2. Resources 3. New Trade Markets. Ohio River Valley- The French and British want it, specially for the fur trade. 3 Rivers

The British have to rely on the colonists to fight the French. They sent a Virginian guy to tell the French to leave that it was their territory. The French tell him to go back and tell the British that they are there to stay. Britain makes this guy a cornell and gives him an army of less than 200 men. French build Fort Duquesne, and the British built Fort Necessity. The British plan was “la petite guerre” -> Guerrilla Warfare (just like N.A.) July 4, 1754. For Necessity surrenders to the French, and they sent him back to Virginia. This guy was George Washington.

Political connections to be in power.
Britain struggles because of corruption and there’s no money going into the colonies. The Battle of the Wilderness
Br. Gen Edward Braddock
William Pitt pushes England to almost bankruptcy.
French and Indian War changed the relationship between Britain and its colonies. Jeffry Amherst brings blankets to N.A. with chicken poxes.
This make them sick and many die.
British take Quebec and Fort Duquesne and renamed it to Fort Pitt. The Treaty of Paris of 1763.
French leave North America.
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