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Topics: Southern United States, United States, American Civil War Pages: 2 (270 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Franklin McKenzie

50 Word Essays

The United States was becoming heavily divided and a Civil War became inevitable due to many factors: there were many differences between the North and South including different intents for expansion, views on Acts and Compromises, and many disputes between the two active political parties in government. 49

Chapter 23
Post Civil War efforts included expansion for America despite being a broken nation; the reconstruction ended in the South and settled a presidential dispute; other issues included labor and economic fairness in the states until revolting farmers, a split of political parties, and a economic depression created a sense of crisis. 50

Chapter 24
Railroads were booming, businesses were growing, and reconstruction was finally over; oil and steel were the main products of the nineteenth century while a transcontinental railroad shipped everything across the nation; and at the same time, unions and other labor protection agency’s were being created for protection of workers. 49

Chapter 25
America kept growing, immigration was booming, and businesses were thriving all while urban civilization was filthy and unhealthy with overcrowded slums; education and social reforms were improving while cities were still full of crime; and all the while Booker T. Washington and W.EB. Dubois was making their views publically known. 50

Chapter 26

America was continuing to grow and the west was being expanded into other territories and the Indians began to become hostile while there were dollar signs in the eyes of the government workers; many battles took place and much blood was shed as the Indians were being pushed out of their land for good. 50
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