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1. Who is writing Letter 1 (and all the letters)?
Robert Walton is the writer of the letter.
2. To whom is he writing? What is their relationship?
He is writing to his sister Mrs. Saville.
3. Where is Robert Walton when he writes Letter 1? Why is he there? What are his plans? Robert Walton is in St. Petersburg, Russia trying to hire people to serve as the crew of his ship. His plan is to sail to the North Pole and study magnetism. 4. What does Robert Walton tell us about himself?

Walton tells us he is an adventurous person and is drawn to finding and exploring new things. He lets us know he got most of his education from self development and is seeking companionship. 5. Where is Walton now? What do you think of Walton's question "What can stop the determined heart and resolved will of man"? Walton is sailing on north. I think Walton’s question may be motivational, in that if someone has determination and a strong will to do something then he/she can accomplish the goal. 6. How much time has elapsed between Letter 3 and Letter 4? What "strange accident" has happened to the sailors? There has been a month between letter 3 and letter 4. The ship has become stuck in ice. 7. Why does the man picked up by the ship say he is there? What shape is he in? The man claims he is looking for someone who has left him. The man is in terrible shape. He is starving and close to dying. 8. What sort of person does he seem to be? How does Walton respond to this man? The man seems to be very mysterious. There are little details about him. Walton though finds the man interesting and someone he seems to be able to relate to. He thinks he is smart and not common. 9. How much time has elapsed when Walton begins writing again? What has happened in the meantime? How does the man respond to Walton's project? How is Walton responding to the man? Walton starts writing the very next day. The man is getting back his strength. The man does not encourage Walton to get involved in his business. Walton is still interested in the man and wants to learn more. He is not discouraged by the man’s attempt to draw him away. Chapters 1- 5

11. What is the man's background? (Do we know his name yet?) Where is he from? The man was born in Geneva to a respected family. His name is Victor. Switzerland. His father and mother wanted a daughter but did not have one of their own. They acquired an orphan girl named Elizabeth and she became his sister. 12. What is the story of the man's mother, Caroline Beaufort? How does the man feel toward his parents, and what responsibilities does he feel they had toward him? The best friend of the man’s father was the father of Caroline Beaufort. When Caroline’s father died, Victor’s father took care of Caroline and then married her when she was of legal age to get married. Their “duty from heaven” was to raise Victor is be good and their guidance is responsible for all his future happiness or misery. 13. Who is Elizabeth Lavenza and what is her story? What gift does the man's mother give him? Do we know the man's name yet? Do we know his family name? Elizabeth Lavenza is the orphan child taken in by the Frankenstein family, and raised with Victor. She is the daughter of an Italian nobleman and a German woman. She was orphaned and taken in by a poor Italian family before Victor‘s parents took her in. Elizabeth is the gift his mother gives him. The man’s family name is Frankenstein, his birth name is Victor. 14. Who is Henry Clerval and what is his relation to Victor? Henry Clerval is Victor’s childhood friend. Henry is the closest friend of Victor and is with him constantly throughout his childhood. 15. How does Victor characterize the interests and characters of Clerval, Elizabeth, and himself? They were brought up together and they were of similar age. Elizabeth was calmer and liked poetry, literature and nature. Victor cared more for learning and liked science. He also had a bad temper. Clerval was fascinated...
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