Frankenstein/Blade Runner What Insights Have You Gained About Humanity from Tthe Comparative Study Oft Texts and Context That You Have Undertaken?

Topics: Blade Runner, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: April 9, 2012
What insights have you gained about humanity from the comparative study of texts and context that you have undertaken?

The film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott and the gothic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley reveal key insights concerning humanity through the contrasting texts. The composers successfully introduce and deal with the issues of humanity by challenging the established values of their times reflected to the responder through the provocative language and film techniques. Both texts are cautionary tales which explore insights of humanity revealing the greed for power and political control through science and technology, need for love and affection and a need for identity and self knowledge.

Both texts similarly explore the insights of humanity’s greed and urge for power to control through science and the consequences that follow. Composed in a time of major scientific development, Shelley’s concern on the rise of galvanism is reflected in Frankenstein. Initially, Frankenstein’s construction of his monster is out of scientific ambition and the acquirement for knowledge. However, Frankenstein is also motivated by his interest in his own scientific development to challenge himself, and not necessarily improve mankind. This is seen through his reflection of himself as the “most wretched of human beings”. The dark imagery and tone set by the negative diction foreshadow the consequences of man trying to be god which result in the death of Frankenstein’s loved ones including Elizabeth, William and Henry Clerval. In contrast, Scott cautions of humanity’s greed for power and the severed relationship with nature due to it represented through Tyrell. The reasons for which Tyrell creates his replicants contrasts with that of Frankenstein’s, as his motivation is world, political and scientific domination. The upward shot of the ziggurat of Tyrell’s tower gives an impression of the immensity and power of Tyrell and reflects humanity’s capabilities from greed....
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