Frankenstein/Blade Runner Comparisons

Topics: Blade Runner, Time, Human Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: March 18, 2012
English: Frankenstein/Blade Runner Comparison
* EYES (strongly symbolic in both texts) in Frankenstein and Blade Runner both meant to replicate human, but still differ. * Science and technology has replicated human life in both texts (Blade runner, futuristic technology). * Both the ‘Creature’ and the ‘Replicants’ show human emotion, showing more human quality than most humans. (Anger, guilt, sadness both strongly present in both texts) * Both cling to life, wanting to be accepted/live longer

* In both texts, both creations meet their creator (father) (biblical reference?) (Creature/Replicants kill to meet their creator) * In both texts, humans lack emotion. (Frankenstein shows no sense of duty for creating the creature/Decker shows no remorse for brutally gunning down Zora). * Frankenstein/Tyrell both deny their creations what they want. (Frankenstein refuses to make a companion for the ‘creature’/Tyrell cannot give his replicant more life). * Both texts push across the point that humans are the downfall of their selves. * Both the ‘creature’ and the replicants recognize their flaws (flaw in design), the problems they face (not being able to be treated like other humans) and threaten to destroy their creator when they are refused something. * Both creatures are physically more advanced than humans. * Fear is a key factor in both texts.

* When confronted with their creator, both the ‘creature’ and the replicants torment them (Roy batty howls, then counts, then proceeds to chase Deckard/the ‘creature’ follows Frankenstein and torments him by continuously appearing) * Both texts include issues that are relevant in the period of time in which the stories are set. * Women in both texts are represented as ‘subordinate’. * Both ‘creature’ and the replicants show remorse/guilt/forgiveness at the end of their lives. * Both texts explore the relationship between creators and created. * Biblical references present in...
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