Four Stages of Transformation Learning

Topics: Alcoholism, Recovery model, Alcohol abuse Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Keith Brodhacker
EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education
Instructor: Cassidy Hawf

Four Stages of Transformation Learning

Transformative learning challenges learners to reflect on how past experiences has shaped them. It can essentially adjust your views, feelings, thoughts, and actions. It can change the way you identify and interact with the world. When transformational learning occurs, your daily activities, relationships, and your visions for the future can be changed. In the four stages of transformational learning process you must: (1) Recognizing a specific problem - In this first stage of the process, the individual has decided that there is some form of change that is necessary in their life. You must realize what the problem is so that you have an idea on what you are going to be examining. (2) Confronting it intensely - Next you must address the problem without time-wasting and be open to accepting all ideas. This step requires serious thinking and is a very important part of the process, as it takes a person through the whys and wherefores of the problem, and what has worked and not worked in the past to decrease or change the problem or problems. (3) Finding a solution - Finding the solution is the next step. Provided with self-awareness, the information on the reasons and causes of the problem, what has worked and hasn't worked in the past, an individual evaluates all of this information and makes a conclusion about what step or steps that need to be taken to solve the problem. (4) Integrating a new perspective and a new set of assumptions into your life - You must now look at things in a different way since your life not be the same. You will have a new aspect at how you do things, as well as realizing that your expectations to everyday questions will no longer be the same. One example of transformational learning that I have experienced in my life is my journey through the recovery process of alcoholism. I had to be willing and ready to...
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