Format of Debate - Oxford-Oregon Type

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  • Published: July 30, 2013
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Three Speakers from each side

First Affirmative - Constructive Speech
First Negative - Interpellation of the first affirmative Speaker First Negative - Constructive Speech
First Affirmative - Interpellation of the first negative speaker Second Affirmative - Constructive Speech
Second Negative - Interpellation of the second affirmative
Second Negative - Constructive
Second Affirmative - Interpellation of the second negative
Third Affirmative - Constructive Speech
Third Negative - Interpellation of the third affirmative
Third Negative - Constructive Speech
Third Affirmative - Interpellation of the third negative

Rebuttal of the Team Captain of the Negative Side
Rebuttal of the Team Captain of the Affirmative Side


Constructive Speech: Minimum of five (5) and maximum of seven (7) minutes Interpellation: Five (5) minutes
Rebuttal Speech: Three (3) minutes

Issues for Debate

A. Whether or not it is Necessary? (Necessity)
B. Whether or not it is Beneficial? (Beneficiality)
C. Whether or not it is practical? (Practicability)

Criteria for Judging

A. Evidence - 25%
B. Delivery - 30%
C. Interpellation - 30%
D. Rebuttal - 15%

The judges, based on their discretion, shall have the authority to determine who will be the Best Speaker and Best Debater. The winning team shall be determined by the majority decision of the Board of Judges.

Guides for Constructive Speech

Speech types of Constructive Speech may be:

1. Reading Method
2. Memory Method
3. Extemporaneous
4. Mix method of memory and conversational or dramatic

Poise, gestures, audience contact and voice projection are highly recommended.

Rules on Interpellation

1. Questions should primarily focused on arguments developed in the speech of your opponent. However, matters relevant and material to the proposition are admissible. 2. Questioner and opponent should treat each other with courtesy. 3. Both speakers stand and face the audience during the question...
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