Food Speech

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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I am here today to inform you about how to become healthier by making better choices about what you eat. Everyone sees and thinks of food in different ways; some people have a favourite food, some have a most hated food, some have their five a day, some have 10 portions of chips a day, some people might not eat breakfast, or maybe not lunch and some people like to cook food and very few just hate food. However every country has its own traditional food. Every country’s culture of food is varied and they all have different backgrounds. The food from other cultures have spread around the world- either being adapted or just being eaten the same as they would from where they originated. -Italy is famous for its pasta and pizza. The word ‘pizza’ is thought to come from the Latin word Pinsa- meaning flatbread. Plus it is a fact that you will struggle to find a restaurant in Italy without pasta. –Despite the stereotype, the French don’t always smell of garlic, carry onions around their neck and wear stripy jumpers; but they still have the speciality in many French restaurants of eating frog’s legs and snails. – In India the popularity of curry has spread so much that the chicken Korma is now one of the nation’s favourite dishes in Britain. – Chinas rice, noodles, chicken chow Mein and sweet-sour dishes are just many of the foods that have...
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