Food Quality

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* Relates to excellent product or services that fulfills or exceeds our expectations Food Quality
* Includes all attributes that influence product’s value to the consumers. This includes,
Negative attributes (e.g.spoilage, contamination with filth, discoloration, off odors & flavors;
Positive attributes (e.g. origin, color, flavor, texture and processing method used

-Food Quality is a term which may refer to several things:
♣ the extent to which food contains the nutrients that match the kind and quantity of the nutritional needs of the person consuming the food ♣ the extent to which the food is attractive in appearance & taste ♣ the extent to which food is free from pathogenic bacteria & undesirable materials such as insecticides & antibiotic residues, etc

1. Composite of characteristics/ attributes which differs from one unit to another 2. Totality of features/ characteristics of a product that bear on its ability to satisfy a given need: Needs:
Safety Usability
Availability Economics
Maintainability Environment
3. Uniformity, consistency and conformity to a given standard or specifications 4. A statement of what the user wants & what the manufacturer can provide 5. “Fitness for use”, “satisfaction level of costumers”

Other Ways of Describing Quality
1. Fast selling brand of a food product might be labeled as “Extra Special Quality” 2. Products that are sold abroad may be termed as “Export Quality” 3. Some consumers may gauge quality in terms of brand popularity 4. From the large producer’s point of view, quality may mean product reliability

Small manufacturers – reliability may not be a concern, their concern is more on sell of the products. 5. In a seller’s market situation, product availability means quality

Quality of Food is Based on the following:
1.Raw material – the quality of finished product is dependent on the quality of raw material 2.Sensory quality – food quality detectable by our senses can be categorized into 3: - appearance
- texture
- flavor
3. Microbiological quality - raw material and products should be free from toxin-producing microorganism

Is Doing Things Right

Quality Control can also be defined as
a. maintenance of specified finished product characteristics every time it is manufactured
b. efficient control of raw material and of production process c. object of quality control is to produce a quality which:
- satisfies the consumers; as cheap as possible; can be delivered in time to meet delivery requirement d. is the function or collection of duties which must be performed throughout an organization in order to achieve its quality objectives

Stages of Quality Control
1.Set the specifications
a. Exactly what the customer or market expects
b. Price at which product can be sold
c. Delivery date
d. Capability of equipment/ machines
e. Capability of available inspection and test equipment
2. Prepare to manufacture
a. Decide how to process the product
b. Decide what equipment to use
c. Specify the quality of raw materials and possible suppliers d. The in-line personnel
e. Plan inspection and in-process quality control
3. Actual Processing/ Manufacture
4. Correction of quality defects
5. Provide long-term quality control planning

Defects in Foods
- perceptible deviation from product specs that makes product less fit, or unfit for consumption - the lack of something essential or required; or an imperfection - can occur singly or as a composite of several deviations

1. Raw material – biological system that deteriorates over time.
2. Personnel – staff’s commitment to their work and their ability to perform their task well. 3. In-process problems
- quality loss due to poor understanding of processing methods and use of inadequate machines - due to lack of staff training...
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