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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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To enhance the availability of a functional DHCP–based solution for automating IP configuration in a Windows 2000 network infrastructure, three things must be decided: (How many DHCP Servers are required?

(Whether or not and where DHCP Relay Agents are needed?
(What is the necessary number of Scopes and Superscopes?

The following scenario describes an organization's current network configuration. Read through the scenario and then answer the questions that follow. Be prepared to discuss your answers with the class at our next class session.


An organization has decided to restructure its existing functional DHCP–based network infrastructure. You are assigned the task of evaluating how to enhance the availability of the DHCP service. The current network configuration provides:

• Intranet access to all shared folders and Web–based applications at all locations.

• Access to the Internet from all locations.

• Support for the existing infrastructure as shown in the diagram on page one.

• RFC 1542 DHCP/BOOTP forwarding enabled on all routers.

• Support for a mission–critical, Web–based application that requires 24–hours–a–day, 7–days–a–week operation.

• Isolation of the organization's private network from the Internet by using a firewall and proxy server.


Answer the following questions to determine how you can enhance the availability of the functional DHCP solution. Circle or write out the correct answers. 1. Given the organization’s existing network configuration, as shown in the diagram on page one and requiring DHCP availability regardless of any single point of failure, what is the minimum number of DHCP Servers required to enhance DHCP availability?

|Two Servers |Three Servers |Four Servers – to guarantee all |Five Servers | | | |availability...
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