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Pepsodent, launched in 1993, was the first toothpaste with a unique anti-bacterial agent to address the consumer need of checking germs even hours after brushing. Pepsodent packs included a Germ Indicator in February-May 2002, which allowed consumers to see the efficacy in fighting germs for themselves. As a follow-up, in October 2002, Pepsodent Fresh & Pepsodent Family offered Dental Insurance to all its consumers to demonstrate the confidence the company has in the technical superiority of the product. In April 2002, Pepsodent G was launched as ‘Pepsodent G Gum Care’ toothpaste. With attractive golden stripes, this gum-protecting variant is now available in contemporary new packaging, clearly outlining the benefits it offers. Pepsodent G Gum Care’ is an internationally renowned specialist brand in the HLL Oral care portfolio known for its enhanced protection against gum problems. It is targeted at all health conscious adults who either suffer from or seek reliable protection against gum problems and bleeding and has remained the category leader as it is a unique product in its category. The brand arose out of a need for gum care and a solution to gum related problems. Apparently with the changing demands and evolving customers Pepsodent Gumcare has been replaced by the very recent Pepsodent Herbal, with herbal ingredients and a fresh look. In 2003, Close – Up 2 – in -1 was re-launched as Pepsodent 2-in-1. Its unique point is that it has mouthwash and a gel for Fresh Breath and dental cream for cleaning plaque. In 2004, Close-Up Whitening was re – launched as Pepsodent Whitening, the tooth-whitening variant, was introduced with a unique self-check device called “shade card”. It was designed to help consumers identify how “yellow” their teeth really were and also to track the improvement in teeth colour as they used the paste. The toothpaste helped teeth get whiter in 4 week of regular use. The product was relaunched under the Pepsodent brand as it has a stronger association with customers with respect to plaque removal and whitening. The new products are in line with HLL’s endeavor to continuously innovate and offer new advanced products to the consumers. These flavours have been specially designed to win over competition consumers. Pepsodent has relaunched itself in 2004 with the main objective of building on its oral care credentials. The new Pepsodent is now armed with Vitamin Fluoride System that gives you long lasting protection from germs & strong, white teeth. Product Packaging

Like most FMCG products, toothpaste manufacture is not technology intensive. Raw materials are easily available. One major change, which occurred in the nineties, was a shift to flexible packaging from the earlier aluminum packaging. The shift was driven by setting up of local capacities by a few players, the prominent among them being Essel Packaging. The development of mono-layer tubes (seamless) tubes which give greater display space on the tube as well as much better aesthetic appeal than the traditional multiplayer tubes also gave a boost to the product development & its appeal. However, a few issues of flavour retention in monolayer tubes are yet to be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Dispensing systems have also developed. Earlier tubes had simple screw-on caps. With the development of flip-top caps, both the design and the means of storing toothpastes & powders have improved. Product quality can be assured better, and the new caps give the tube a sophisticated look.

Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) has reinvented its distribution system, by redefining the approach to current channels and creating new channels. The objective is to touch consumers with a 3-way convergence of product availability, brand communication and higher levels of brand experience. Hindustan Lever Network leverages the opportunity of Direct Selling, and already presents customised offerings in 11...
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