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1. The two measurements are an interesting insight into the mind of the consumer and the researcher torn between two types of different approaches. Looking at the results there are some drastic differences in the position of companies in the rankings. For example, Southwest Airlines went from second to last in the 19th spot all the way to second place. There are some major discrepancies for a leap like that to occur. One of the ways these approaches are similar is they are both looking at many of the same major factors; being on time, customer service, price, number of routes. The difference comes in how they measure that. The weighted average approach uses public records and real data to organize and rank the airlines in the different categories. The consumer survey approach uses people’s perception or opinion of how well each airline performs in the different categories.

2. The positive aspects of using the weighted average approach is that you have experts in the airline industry ranking the various categories by level of importance. It is very systematic and objective using real, accurate and recorded data that is public record. The problem with this approach is that these people who are ranking the airlines are not the consumers. If this was a study to try and figure out how to get airline experts to travel on FlyAway then it would be great. The problem is consumers are going to believe what they perceive. So the advantage to the consumer approach is that it is a measurement of the perceived value. Whether or not this is accurate or not with real data is really irrelevant from a sales perspective. If the customer walks away receiving a service that was equal to or greater than the expected value then quality is created in the mind of the consumer. The problem with this approach is that people may be miss remembering and really just have no idea how to rank these airlines. I would say that I fly a decent amount...
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