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Topics: Human, Poetry, Poverty Pages: 7 (1857 words) Published: August 4, 2012
Higher Order Thinking Skills
Subject: English ( Flamingo- Prose)

Text Book - Flamingo

THE LAST LESSON Alphonse Daudet

Q.1. “When a people are enslaved, as long as they hold fast to their language it is as if they had the key to their prison” Comment with reference to the lesson ‘The Last Lesson’. Q.2. Describe the measures linguistic minorities take to keep their languages alive. What would happen if they do not take measures to keep their language and culture alive? Q.3. Explain the term ‘linguistic chauvinism’ with reference to the extract ‘The Last Lesson’. Q.4. Why is the extract entitled ‘The Last Lesson’? Describe in your own words Mr. Hamel’s thoughts and feelings on the last day in school. Q.5 The last lesson is a story that dwells upon universal human nature . comment . Ans – Man relies the worth of what he has, only after is taken away from him. - People realized how precious their mother tongue was .


1. The extract ‘Lost Spring’ describes the plight of street children forced into labour early in life and denied the opportunity of schooling. Explain this with reference to the extract.

.2. The story ‘Lost Spring’ gives us an authentic picture of child labour prevalent in India. What measures would you suggest to stop child labour? .3. The extract ‘Lost Spring’ tells us about the callousness of society and the political class to the sufferings of the poor. Is this true of contemporary India. Cite examples. 4. What are the two distinct worlds referred by Anees Jung in the lessons ‘Lost Sprint’ Q-5 The beauty of the glass bangles of Firozabad contrasts with the misery of the people who produce them comment. Ans – One of the family caught in web of poverty , burdened by the stigmer of caste. - The other , vicious circle of the Sahukars, the middlemen, the policemen, the keepers of law etc.

Ans – Bangles are colorful, bright, symbol of suhag of a married Indian woman, considered auspicious fill colors and happiness. - Life of its producers- impoverished , dark, deprived lose eyesight, slog their day- light hours in dark stingy cells in front of hot furnaces , familities and animals coexist in the primeval state.

DEEP WATER William Douglas

1. It is Douglas’ will power that enabled him to overcome his fear of water. This reveals that with a strong will human beings can overcome all kinds of fear. Explain with two illustrations from real life.

THE RAT TRAP Selma Lagerlof

1.The story ‘The Rattrap’ exemplifies the truth that essential goodness of human beings can be awakened through understanding and love. Discuss. 2. The readers’ sympathy lies with the peddler in the story ‘The Rattrap’.Explain why? 3. How would you react if you were Elda Wilmanson?

4. The strory is both entertaining and philosophical. Explain. 5. The story focuses on human lonliness and the need to bond with others. Explain. 6. The metaphor of the rat trap serves to highlight the human predicament. What is the human predicament? INDIGO Louis Fischer

1. What according to you are the qualities of a good leader? Explain with illustrations. 2. Truth and non-violence were the weapons with which Gandhiji succeeded everywhere. Explain with reference to the extract ‘INDIGO’. 3. What did Gandhiji do for the social, economic and spiritual upliftment of the masses of India.

Poets and Pancakes Asokamitran

1.The extract gives an account of events and personalities of Gemini studios in the early days of Indian Cinema. Explain with reference to the extract.

2. Cite examples of humour and satire from the extract.

3. Write a short note on the author’s role in Gemini Studios. How does the first person narration make his words realistic.

4.How does the author describe the incongruity of an English poet addressing the audience at Gemini studios.

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