Fit Bus 5601 Week 8 Discussion Post

Topics: Boeing, Airbus, Airliner Pages: 5 (1520 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Reminder: New Format Requested this week
While the format is to be changed thisweek, you are still required to make 3 postings; one original post and comment on two other student's post. ORIGINAL POST REQUIREMENTS:
You are to apply the major topics covered in the course (finance/accounting, economics, marketing) to your company and provide an "analyst's report". 1) (Apply Marketing techniques to:) create an interesting, unique or otherwise attractive catch line (humor works great for me!) as your post title. 2) Make a recommendation (can be here AND in your subject line) (some of you may not feel you have enough "experience" where your opinion (i.e., recommendation) is "worth something in this world"....however note, you may have more experience NOW than some analysts at major investment banking houses! (scary I know!)) 3)(Use your corporate report to:) provide certain and specific quantitative analysis of your company. DON"T repeat your entire report....but provide some examples: Net Income rose 20% from 2008-2011 to $1.35 billion

Expenses 15%
Shareholder equity
(highlights mean "outlyers" of data.....especially NEGATIVE information 4) (Use some economics learned....predict macro and micro "futures")..... describe what Macro world events have affected your company (global eco slow-down....price of oil) .....even micro events (consumption among consumers was down due to....)provide sensitivities for world events on your corporation and how it will affect that company's future activities. Provide predictions about future macro economic events and how your company will react going forward. 5) DON"T ALWAYS BE KIND TO YOU COMPANY...don't always be biased or "pro" the company. Use "Bikini method".....cover the subject but keep it short enough to remain interesting. I would prefer you to have bullet points...short sweet, facts or opinions.....and at least double what I have (apply what your company does...for example if working capital is important discuss that...if Research and Development; interest rates (macro)......) Here is a "made up example" DISNEY....but note "volume" I have given, as my example, might be 20% of what I am looking from you. SUBJECT LINE: BUY 'The Mouse'; Disney is not a Mickey Mouse Operation Disney is a "buy" recommendation at this time due to its diverse revenue base and cost control structures. Disney's 09 financial statements shows revenues up 3% to $5.9 billion; however, net income was up 5% to 1.2 billion indicating cost cutting measures in 08 and 09 have taken hold. Various divisions showed mixed results: Park revenue was down but video rental and ad sales for TV was up. Disney is well suited in the future due to its broad spectrum of revenue sources. Travel and tourism is down which hurts Park Revenue; however, Disney can capitalize on "staycations" due to its new release movies, ABC network...... A silver lining is that if economic conditions change, Disney Parks are some of the first things people think to celebrate long economic savings times. (NOTE: My example has NO numbers....YOUR SUBMISSION should provide data support!!! I am looking for about 5-8 times the volume of information on your company as I have put here for my "DISNEY" example). Have fun......don't fret.....I am asking to provide YOUR OPINION about why your company did what it did...and what it is going to do.......and your opinions/predictions are as good as anyone else. You should have some intimacy with your company and its numbers......relay that info to others!

The Boeing Co. is an aerospace company, which manufactures commercial airplanes and defense, space and security systems. The company offers commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training. The firm operates its business through three segments: Commercial Airplanes, Boeing...
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