First Steps in Using a Perosnal Computer Exam

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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1. When troubleshooting boot-up problems, what is the recommended priority of items to check?:A| A. Power connection, cable connections, error messages|
B. Error messages, cable connections, power connection|
C. Cable connections, error messages, power connection|
D. Error messages, power connections, cable connection|

2. In Windows, most program screens have three function buttons in the upper-right corner. These functions are:D| A. Tile, Cascade, and Full View.|
B. Close, Close Group, and Move.|
C. Move, Size, and Minimize.|
D. Minimize, Maximize, and Close.|

3. During the shutdown process, the user will be prompted to perform what action on open documents?:C| A. Delete file|
B. Rename file|
C. Save changes|
D. Close file|

4. When laying out a computer system, the monitor should be placed:C| A. on a high shelf out of the way.|
B. so its cables are within easy reach.|
C. at or slightly below eye level.|
D. as far from the user as possible to prevent eyestrain.|

5. Most computer systems are set up to automatically first check which drive for the booting program?:A| A. The floppy drive|
B. The network drive|
C. The CD-ROM drive|
D. The hard disk drive|

6. Two computer users are discussing the features available in the Windows on-screen calculator. User A says that either the mouse or the numeric keypad on the keyboard can be used to enter calculations. User B says that double-clicking on the Calculator title bar will expand the window frame to fill the entire desktop. Who is correct?:A| A. Neither computer user is correct.|

B. Both computer users are correct.|
C. Only User A is correct.|
D. Only User B is correct.|

7. The correct way to shut off the computer is to:C|
A. Click Start, then Run, then type Shut Down.|
B. Click Stop.|
C. Click Start, then Shut Down.|
D. Push the Power button on the system unit.|

8. In Windows Help, how do you open a topic to reveal the subtopics it contains?:B| A. Drag and drop the icon onto the Windows taskbar.|
B. Select the topic by clicking on it once.|
C. Right-click the topic.|
D. Click the title bar button marked with an X.|

9. The System Tools folder is typically found:C|
A. under Settings in the Start menu.|
B. on the Systems tab in Windows Help.|
C. nested within the Accessories submenu.|
D. on the Windows desktop next to the My Computer icon.|

10. Except in special circumstances, the primary mouse button should be assigned to the button where your _______ rests.:C| A. thumb|
B. middle finger|
C. index finger|
D. palm|

11. Imagine that you want to add new prices to the text of a menu for a fund-raising dinner you'll be hosting. You want to keep the old prices while making the new prices stand out in bold, red print. Of the following programs, which is the only one that will let you format these changes to the menu file?:B| A. Calculator|

B. WordPad|
C. Notepad|
D. Paint|

12. Which of the following is correct concerning the icon that represents the Windows Recycle Bin?:B| A. An icon for the Recycle Bin appears on the desktop only when you delete something.| B. Different icons are used depending on whether or not the bin is empty.| C. The Recycle Bin icon is located on the taskbar.|

D. Right-clicking the icon will delete it and erase all its contents.|

13. To view how much free space is available on your system, you would access _______.:A| A. System Information.|
B. Recycle Bin.|
C. Disk Cleanup.|
D. Disk Defragmenter.|

14. A bitmap file can be opened with which of the following programs?:C| A. WordPad|
B. Disk Cleanup|
C. Windows Paint|
D. Notepad|

15. The options that allow a user to change mouse settings, such as click speed and button assignments, is found where?:C| A. My Computer|
B. Help...
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