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MGT 3830:
Strategically Managing Organizations
Class Meetings:Spring 2013T & ThSection 2: 9:00-10:20Section 3: 10:30-11:501800 Bus Ed Complex| Professor:Jennifer IrwinOffice: 2712| Office Hours:1:00-2:30 pm T/Th(Other times by appointment)| Course Objectives:

Strategic management deals with the decisions that managers make that decide the direction and success of organizations. These decisions involve the utilization of resources, design of organizational structure, and positioning the organization to create, capture, and sustain competitive advantage. Strategic management requires the ability to steer the whole organization strategically through uncertainty and change. It also requires the coordination of the interrelated functional areas of a business to effectively implement strategies. Specific skills this course will help you develop include:

* Understanding how firms gain and sustain competitive advantage within their field * Analyzing business situations and formulating strategies to address them * Organizing the firm to effectively meet strategic goals * Integrating business functions into a coherent strategy * Implementing strategy successfully

This course will introduce conceptual frameworks and analytical tools that identify the drivers of superior performance under various conditions and explore how to formulate strategy in the face of change and uncertainty. These tools allow comparison of specific examples with generalized knowledge in order to more effectively reach decisions within organizations. Emphasis in this senior-level course is given to developing action-oriented general management skills, while drawing on extant theory in strategy, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and organizational theory. These dual emphases are managed through the use of both lecture/discussion sessions and cases. This capstone course has two distinct components. In the first half, we study the theory and practice of strategic management. In the second half, case presentations offer simulated real-world experience and practice integrating material studied in the first half of the term. Strategy is based in the real world, where uncertainty is a fact of life; therefore it is reasonable that people with different experiences will view management differently. Management involves making sense out of the available information, which is a creative and subjective process. Creativity will be rewarded in your participation grade, individual papers, and group projects, as will diligent work and critical thinking. This senior-level course requires that you process a great deal of material. The exams will test your ability to understand the material in the textbook, readings, and class notes. The cases will test your ability to apply this information to real-world situations. Text and Readings

* Strategic Management: Concepts by Frank T. Rothaermel (available as text or Kindle format) * 15 cases: I will send out an email link to the Harvard Business Review website where you can purchase digital copies of the cases * 2 articles: Included when you purchase the cases

Wal-Mart Stores 2003| (1)| Harvard 9-704-430| Retail|
Cola Wars Continue in 2010| (2)| Harvard 9-711-462| Soft Drink| RTE Cereal (A)| (3)| Harvard 9-795-191| Cereal|
Starbucks| (4)| Harvard 9A98M006| Coffee|
Lexar Media| (5)| Harvard 9-805-062| Electronics|
Haier: Taking Chinese Company Global| (6)| Harvard 9-706-401| Appliances| Pharmaceutical Industry faces AIDS| (7)| Harvard 9-702-049| Pharmaceuticals| Samsung Electronics| (8)| Harvard 9-705-508| Electronics| Google Inc.| (9)| Harvard 9-806-105| Online Search Engine| Delta Airlines| (10)| Harvard 9-694-023| Airline|

Innovation at Progressive | (11)| Harvard 9-602-175| Insurance| Zara: Fast Fashion| (12)| Harvard 9-703-497| Fashion Apparel| The Walt Disney...
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