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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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BUS 101 (28) Fall 12
Final Project Guidelines
Total Marks: 45 (15%)

Company List: (L’Oreal / FORD / Coke/ Google/ Gucci/ KFC/Wal-Mart).

1. Write a Company Overview (mention: vision, mission statement, some present major goals, SWOT analysis, Country of its Origin and Countries of its operations, Competitors and under what type of competition the company is operating in different countries) Marks 5 (330 words apx)

2. What are the different Entry Strategies the company is presently using in different countries? Mention the advantages and disadvantages the company is facing due to its entry strategies. (use table) Marks 5 (330 words apx)

3. What are some Entry Restrictions the company is facing in those countries? (Such as tax, quota, etc quantify them) (use table) Marks 3 (200 words apx)

4. Write down the Political (socialism/collectivism/ communism), Cultural Values and Economical Conditions (GDP, Trade Balance, Trade Deficit/Surplus, Unemployment Rate, Inflation rate, Market Interest Rate, 5 present fiscal and monetary activities) of those countries (3 major countries). (use table) Marks 5 (330 words apx)

5. What are some Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivational and Hygienic factors/rewards the company offers to its employees? What theory/theories the company is following in treating its employees? Justify your answer. Are they using same approach in all countries? Mention if there is a difference.( Type A/J/Z, Taylor’s or Hawthorne’ Theory, Theory X/Y, MBO) Marks 7 (470 words apx)

6. What are some great CSR programs of the company? Are those philanthropy or initiative based and why? Marks 3 (200 words apx)

7. Prepare a Marketing Mix for the company with 8 P’s. (use table) Marks 7 (470 words apx)

8. Write down about any present IMC campaign the company is running at present in its country of origin. (Mention what are the present IMC objectives of the campaign and what are the tools it is using...
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