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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Study guide for HRM320 Midterm:
Your midterm covers the first three weeks of classwork, and contains eight multiple choice questions (5 points each), four short answer questions (15 points each) and one essay question (30 points). You have two hours to complete the exam. It is on one page. The TCO’s covered on the exam are:

Everything we cover in Weeks 1 – 3 is fair game on the midterm. You can only take the midterm one time – and once you start, the time will begin running. The exam is pooled so you will all have a different random selection of questions. Terms to study for readying yourself to take the midterm:

Model Employment Termination Act
Independent contractor
Duties of employees
Duties of employer
Authority (actual, implied, apparent)
non-disclosure agreement
SILK factors
drug testing rules
federal contractors and drug testing requirements
Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)
Employment at will – and exceptions
Racial hostile environment
Reverse discrimination
Affirmative Action
Hiring rules for age discrimination
Privacy Act of 1974
retaliatory discharge
Drug free workplace act 1988
Short Answer questions:
When answering the short answer questions, provide the answer the question is looking for – whether a list, definition, or short answer. You do not need to write lengthy, multiple paragraphs to answer the “short answer” questions. Essay question:

This question will require more analysis and depth in your answer. Be sure to consider each part of the question and include an answer to each question. Your answer should include complete sentences and multiple paragraphs. Technical issues: If you have technical issues while taking the exam and get kicked out, follow this procedure: 1. Try to get back in and complete the exam.

2. If you can't, contact the DeVry HelpDesk: at 1.800.594.2402 and get a ticket number. 3....