Final Exam Review

Topics: Sample size, Statistics, Probability theory Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Math 221 Final exam Review

MyStatLab Final Exam
      Do the Practice Final to help you prepare for the Final Exam. Do the Week 8 Final Exam.

Final Exam - Covers All Weeks
You must complete this Final Exam. It is designed to test your learning in the course.  * Final Exam is worth a total of 250 points and contains 23 questions. * The exam covers all Weeks and all TCOs.

* The exam covers Chapters 1-7 and 9
* Remember to submit your exam when you are finished.
* You may take it once and have 3.5 hours to complete the exam.  * If you have any problems, contact the Help Desk at 800-594-2402. Good Luck!
Question 1
Quantitative /Qualitative and Levels of Measurement
Question 2
Contingency Table
Question 3
Population/ sample
Question 4
Hypothesis Testing- either z or t-test
Question 5
Z or t- interval question
Question 6
Poisson or Binomial question
Question 7
Given a set of data points, you will have to calculate the descriptive stats- mean, median, mode, st. dev, variance, etc Question 8
Binomial question, if question 6 was a Poisson question and vice versa. Question 9
p-test or z-test , using the critical value method
Question 10
p-interval question
Question 11
Given set of data points, calculate correlation coefficient(r) and r2 Question 12
Binomial probability question
Question 13
Identifying null and alternate hypothesis
Question 14
Finding probability from z tables
Question 15
Z distribution question- Chapter 5
Question 16
Given a set of data points, you have to find the equation of the line- Chapter 9 Question 17
Identifying if the variable is quantitative or qualitative
Question 18
Minimum sample size calculation- Chapter 6
Question 19
Either z or t-test question with several parts; critical value as well a p-value method need to be known Question 20
Identify from the statement, the sampling technique- cluster, random , systematic, stratified, convenience etc Question 21
Z or t-test...
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