Final Exam Critical Thinking

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Want Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: August 14, 2012
Our newest product Wet Wonders lip gloss, has not been performing very well. Creative Cosmetics needs to come up with different ways to market our lip gloss in order to boost sales. The projected sales for Wet Wonders lip gloss have slumped and we are in danger of having to scrap this product and its promotional campaign. During product development, our initial testing proved that Wet Wonders can be successful based off the positive feedback we received. In order to boost sales, Creative Cosmetics needs to analyze the role of advertising in society, why it’s so important and how to effectively use it. Without advertising consumers would not be told what to buy. Advertising is the reason our homes are filled with so many items, why we drive the cars we do and why we wear the clothes we wear. There have been many studies on the increase of advertisements over the years. "In 1915, a person could go entire weeks without observing an ad. The average adult today sees some three thousand every day" (Twitchell 203). Advertising also fuels the need to shop which in turn stimulates the economy. Economist can track consumer spending every quarter allowing them to gauge how well the economy is doing. Due to budget constraints, Creative Cosmetics chose to only sell Wet Wonders through ads on the radio. Using only radio ads to market our product, has not proven to be very effective. While radio allows you to tell a story and take the listener’s mind on a journey, it is not the most effective means of marketing a lip gloss. The radio paints a broad stroke, meaning it is heard by many different people. There are specific times when we could have our ads running that could pinpoint a certain group of people, although it’s not necessarily guaranteed. Another downside to radio ads is they don’t have the ability to allow the consumer to see what they are missing. It’s not enough to say we have a wonderful product. We want to make the consumer feel that their lives...
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