Topics: Marketing, Variable cost, Supply and demand Pages: 4 (873 words) Published: March 17, 2013
1. Buzz advertising can be used to target audiences within specific groups who, because of shared values and beliefs, can influence and exert social dominance of its followers. Buzz advertising can enlist brand spokespersons to spread the word about products and services such as weight watchers enlisting Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, Charles Barkley, and a slew of celebrities to entice customers into brand followers and leaders. Online social networking has become the harness for marketers to use to pass along company-developed products and services or audio, video, or written information to other online users (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Buzz advertising depend on word of mouth and the willingness of a demographic to proxy s/he with a particular social environment. One of the dangers of buzz advertising is when opinion leaders and spokesperson exhibit behavior not beneficial to the organization brand equity. For examples, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods infidelity scandals, Charlie Sheen’s repeated alcohol incidents, and in the recent new front, Facebook social media use by companies to vest and/or investigate the characteristic and integrity of applicants. Reference

Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2012). Marketing Management (14th ed.). (S. Yagan, & E. Svendsen, Eds.) Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, United States of America: Prentice Hall Pearson. Retrieved 2012 2. A market leader has the largest market share in the relevant product market. To remain dominant, the leader looks for ways to expand total market demand and attempts to protect and perhaps increase its current share. A market follower is a runner-up form willing to maintain its market share and not rock the boat. It can play the role of counterfeiter, cloner, imitator, or adapter. A market nicher serves small market segments not being served by larger firms. The key to nichemanship is specialization. Nichers develop offerings to fully meet a certain group of customers’ needs, commanding a premium...
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