Fin464 Course Outline

Topics: Bank, Finance, Financial services Pages: 5 (1020 words) Published: December 21, 2012
North South University
School of Business
BBA Program (Fall’2012)

Course Title : Bank Management (FIN 464)

Instructor : M. Morshed, Senior Lecturer, School of Business Office Room : NAC 763
Office Hours : TBA
Telephone : 8852000. Ext. 1708 (office)
E-mail :

Course Descriptions

This course has a somewhat more practical orientation than many other courses in the business program, focusing as it does on the microeconomic problems of financial management of banking firms. This does not mean, however, that the course is devoid of theoretical interest. The course builds on theories and models covered elsewhere in the program; particularly those detailed in the course of Banking and Finance. It also raises some new theoretical problems for consideration, many of them concerned with the way we need to conceptualize the banking firm.

Course Objectives

This course examines the role and importance of bank financial management to the modern bank. It teaches the basic models of financial management taught by University Economics Departments and Business Schools, which were constructed from the experience of mature capitalist economies. The course discusses the various trends shaping banking markets, such as institutionalization, securitization, globalization and concentration. Among its aims are the following ❖ To set the banking firm in the context of a changing financial services industry ❖ To look at the role of the financial manager within the banking firm ❖ To examine bank capital and capital structure, and to consider the question of the adequate regulation of the banking sector to ensure its safety, to preserve bank liquidity and prevent bank failures.

Suggested Readings

❖ Peter S. Rose & Sylvia C. Hudgins, Bank Management & Financial Services, 8th edition, 2008, McGraw-Hill publications. ❖ Timothy Koch and S Scott MacDonald, Bank Management, Fourth Edition, 2000, Dryden Press, ISBN0030244021. ❖ George H. Hempel & Donald G. Simonson, Bank Management: Text & Cases, 5th edition, Prentice Hall Publication. ❖ R. A. Howlader & Syed Ashraf Ali, Banking Law and Practice, Revised Edition, 2007-8, Mowla Brothers.

Course Outline

|Chapters |Contents |Lec. # | |Chapter |AN OVERVIEW OF BANKS & THEIR SERVICES: What is a Bank? The Services banks offer to the public; Trends affecting | | |One (1) |all banks. |(1 & 2) | |Chapter Two (2) |IMPACT OF GOVERNMENT POLICY & REGULATION ON BANKING: Reasons behind the regulations, Central Bank & monetary |(3 & 4) | | |policies. | | |Chapter |THE ORGANIZATION & STRUCTURE OF BANKS & THEIR INDUSTRY: Differences between large & small bank’s organization |(5 & 6) | |Three (3) |charts; Unit Banking; Branch Banking; Bank Holding Company Organization; Networking; Reasons behind the expansion| | | |of interstate banking system. | | |Chapter Four (4) |ESHTABLISHING NEW BANKS, BRANCHES, ATMs, TELEPHONE SERVICES And WEB SITES: Establishing full-service branch |(7 & 8) | | |offices – choosing locations, designing new branches. New trends & technology. | | |Chapter |THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF BANK: Bank Assets; Bank Liabilities; Off-Balance-Sheet Items; Components of the Income|(9 & 10) | |Five (5) |Statement;...
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