Fifth Business - Proof Mary Dempster Is a Saint for: Congregation for Causes of Saints

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Congregation for the causes of saints
Palazzo delle Congregazioni
00193 Roma
Piazza Pio XII

In today’s world, a saint is a very difficult thing to come across; however I believe to have found the perfect candidate for canonization. Her name is Mary Dempster. I believe that the miracles of this woman are real, and not just coincidental, due to her unstable state of mind.

Mary was married to a Baptist Parson, named Amasa Dempster in a little village called Deptford. While Mary was carrying her unborn son in her womb, she was hit in the back of the head with a snowball concealing a fairly large rock. The impact of the hit had caused her to go to into labor. Both her and her premature son had fought for their lives. The result of the stress that was put on her, and the immense head trauma caused by the snowball, the poor woman had gone simple. The simplicity of this woman is why I believe why these miracles are real, and are not fabricated or coincidental.

Mary’s first miracle was the conversion of the tramp named Joel Surgeoner. Before having met Mary, the man had constantly wandered, committed crimes, and constantly caused trouble. After his interaction with Mary, he said that the way she had given herself to him had inspired him. It had changed him completely. I have met this man, and have seen the charity that he had started, Lifeline Mission. Their goal is to help the needy. He said that the charity was inspired by his generous encounter with Mary Dempster that had turned him to a life of good. The second miracle that Mary performed was raising my twelve year old brother, Willie from the dead. Willie had been sick for quite some time, and it was my turn to watch and take care of him. When I went to go check on him, he was nonresponsive, had no detectable pulse, and when I held a mirror to his nose, the mirror did not fog with breath. Willie was dead. To this day, I still don’t know why my first impulse was to find Mary, but I did. I ran to her,...
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