Fiesta 1980

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1. Diaz describes a delightful family loving and typical in every way. I mean at least for me it seemed like a typical family. “Fiesta” begins with Diaz stating “Mami’s youngest sister…finally made it to the United States that year.” (150) the story started very hopeful and made me feel as if the plot was going to be cheerful, but it was not. I think the overall mood of the story was mostly sad because the kids also knew about the affair. “When children find out about an affair, it’s not just the cheating, but how parents deal with the crisis that can have the most profound effect on their children’s future relationships, says sex and family therapist Dr. Don-David Lusterman.” I believe this fact is what makes the story so very sad. 2. I think that Younior is very calm in his demeanor. Diaz points this out by stating “I was too scared of what was happening to poke around.” (156) Diaz also states “Rafa had me guarding the door.” (157) showing that he cares for his brother and does not want him to get in trouble also he is trust worthy because he was trusted by his brother to guard the door. Younior is also very smart Diaz writes “you’re the smart one” (156) Younior is also respectful especially to his dad mostly because he is threatened Diaz shows this by writing. “if you eat anything, I’m going to beat you.” (156) and Younior kept his word he did not eat anything the whole party. Younior’s aunt could not stand the fact that he did not eat so she secrecly brought him food. Diaz writes “She opened her pocketbook and handed me the…pastlitos.”(157) 3.

Work cited
Lusterman, Don-David. Infidelity: A Survival Guide. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, 1998. Print.
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