Feeding Monkeys

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Finding the Prosperity by Feeding Monkeys
In the short story,” Finding Prosperity by Feeding Monkeys”, by Harold Taw, Taw explains a moral about the importance of family, and how some people will break whatever rules to respect their family. Taw states that a Buddhist monk told his parents that he [Taw] would bring great prosperity to the family if he fed a monkey on his birthday every year for the rest of his life. Every year Taw made a point to feed a monkey on his birthday because he felt he had a right to protect his family. Early in his life, Taw and his dad “would go to the zoo early in the morning… [and] when the coast was clear, [Taw] would throw…peanuts to the monkeys”. Together, Taw and his father would secretly go to the zoo every year until he was eighteen to guarantee the prosperity of his family. This proves that Taw was determined to keep his family safe. When Taw turned eighteen, he had to find different ways to feed the monkeys, since he was now an adult. One of the many ways he fed a monkey was that he went to a laboratory and had to “wear a biohazard suit” to feed a monkey. Taw demonstrates that even the tasks that seem the most impossible can be achieved. From these examples, it is easy to see that some people, such as Taw, with do whatever it takes to secure the safety of his or her family.
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