Fast Food Nation

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Martha Mejia Eng 101 Professor Jim Kenney Fast Food Nation

The Golden Arches

Most people would expect Fast Food chain restaurants to be a happy, convenient, inexpensive, and quick place to pick up a meal. The decision to stop for fast food, is made on spur of the moment, without much thought. The vast majority of customers do not set out to eat at a Burger King, Wendy’s, or McDonalds. Often, they’re not even planning to stop for food until they see a big sign, a familiar building, and set of golden arches. Fast food, like the tabloids at a supermarket or a drug store is an impulse buy. The book, Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser is as fictional representation of a non-fictional. It was named one of Time’s 100 best non fictional books. After seeing the movie and reading the book, various strands work together. Along with the film along with the book. Illegal immigrants and generally young, unskilled, and willing to work long hours for low pay are being exploited to work for these fast food chains, and are paid under minimum wage. The movie brings up many important issues, the journey of how the illegal immigrants are exploited, and how the food in fast food restaurants is handled and the misconception that is led to the costumers. McDonalds along with other restaurants are continuingly developing new ideas to embrace children, teenagers and parents that fast food taste good, healthy, affordable and convenient. In the movie “Fast Food Nation” directed by Richard Linklater a clip held my attention by the use of many popular credible actors in this film, like Bruce Willis and Wilmer Valderrama, with over several years of experience as actors, both along with Linklater represent the ETHOS in the film. In a scene Raul, Coco and Sylvia cross the border illegally to work at the Uni-Globe slaughter house for a better life that is an example of LOGOS, if they stay in Mexico according to Harry in later scene they work for about $4.00 an hour and in the America $10.00 hourly. Another example of (LOGOS), in the movie was on the kill floor where they showed that the faster the production line moved the more money the workers get pay which of course causes a undulate end product all the way to the board members and owners of the slaughter house and fast food industry because more burgers more sales. There were many examples of (PATHOS) in this film, one being when Raul lost his limb and was not compensated because the company doctor said there were drugs found in his system through a blood test. His life was then ruined since he could no longer work and remained disabled. Sylvia, Raul’s girlfriend could not continue to support them on her salary and had no choice but to get a job at the slaughter house where Raul previously worked. To obtain the job Sylvia have sexual encounter with Mike the floor supervisor who was also her sisters Coco boyfriend. Many female workers at the plant were sexually and verbally abused by Mike. Another example of PATHOS was the scene where Don told Harry about the feces in the meat and how it got there. Harry answer proved that he was aware of the problem and just did not care to which he stated “we all eat a little shit from time to time.” McDonalds is the world’s largest fast food chain, it is popular for its delectable, mouth watering delicious burgers, and fries and chicken products along with their soft drinks and much more. However, eating a lot of these kinds of food, will harm your body; but still somehow McDonalds is considered the best for their serving low cost and quick food. Perhaps you think that everything comes along with consequences. McDonald's food has lots of preservatives to maintain its texture and size. The burgers in fast food chains contain saturated fat which is very harmful to eat often for its red meat. Researching...
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