Fascism/Nazism Study Guide

Topics: Fascism, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 4 (697 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Fascism & Nazism

* Brutality, suffering made clear chemical warfare
* Loss of faith look for fascism & Nazism
* Turn to science to make life better
* Malthus – “perfectibility of man” scarcity of resources * Smith – Leave human nature

Why does WWI cast reason in doubt?
* Corruption: Why are we fighting?
* 10 million dead, 21 million hurt leads to loss of demand (consumers) * War is expensive, international debt in Europe
* Infrastructure, factories destroyed
* T.S. Elliot – calls it “wasteland”
* WWI Ends Treaty of Versaille
* WWI- start questioning ideas of reason and what they’ve learned: blind faith * Not getting better, suffering

* Monolithic unity – 1 leader, 1 party, 1 will
* Anti liberalism – b/c loss of sense of thought/ideas
* Anti Marxist – b/c single party, dictatorship
* If we get rid of all other parties, we get rid of conflict * Terror & police surveillance
* Intimidate, get rid of all other parties
* Economic characteristics
* Fascists reject free market system
* Reject Marxist
* So find a different way of doing something Corporatism * Government plans economy, but private ownership allowed * 22 corporations

1. Capital
2. Manufactures of equipment
3. Privately owned farms
4. Seed suppliers
5. Storage, processing facilities
6. Transportation
* This all becomes corporation in fascism

* Italy came up with 22 corporations
* Not free market & not socialist – do they achieve this? Will this work? * Ownership vs. Proprietary Rights
* After WWI – suffering in Italy – strikes, poverty, seizure of factories, land for own needs * People calling on government
* Socialist party and Catholic party refused to work together * Fascist party – small group in Northern Italy
* Started by using force to scare...
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