Farming in the Bahamas

Topics: Agriculture, Agricultural economics, Subsistence agriculture Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: May 2, 2013
farming is known to take place in long island. The labor offered in subsistence farming is said to be done by the farmer himself. Commercial Farming is a type which is done on a large scale that involves raising livestock and growing crops for commercial use. Commercial farming is carried out on islands such as Andros, Eluthera, and Abaco. Commercial farming land can be prepared by ploughing, the land installing irragation systems, cutting trees or by advanced technology. The tools that are used in commercial farming are tractors, forklifts, ploughs, and seed planters. Commercial farming employs people and gains profit. The type of persons employed in commercial farming tractor drivers, seed planters, harvesting, and packing house workers. The products that are produced by commercial farming are pineapples, tomatoes, and pigeon peas. The products that are produced by commercial farming are exported to a vast number of grocery stores and restaurants in order to gain money from produce. The size of a commercial farm ranges from 5000 to 50000 acres of land. Usually mono cropping is known to be practiced on a commercial farm. Mono cropping is the planting of only one type of crop. Since commercial farming is done on a large scale the farmer is concerned about profit, practicing monocropping would become beneficial to the farmer since more time and effort can be spent to ensure that the produce realizes it maximum potential and growth. In The Bahamas commercial farming is usually carried out in the pine islands such as Abaco, Grand Bahama and New Providence. Commercial farming is also practiced in Exuma, Eluthera, and Long Island Resource, mechanization and modernizated way of planting and growing crops are associated with the commercial farming. In the Bahamas commercial farming took on a new method of growing crops. This new method, called hydroponic farming was established as a way to grow crops to combat the limitations of commercial farming due to poor soil . As...
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