False Courage

Topics: Truth, Thought, Mind Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: October 28, 2012
False Courage
Living in a more civillized era, public opinions and suggestions have been a part of our life. It is not rare to find public suggestions that give a courage to people with disabilities. The essence of giving this courage is simply to change the mindset or the view point of a person towards something. Although the primary goal is perfectly aimed, people may go wrong by giving a courage that seems to fit perfectly whereas it doesn't. False courage are now part of our life too.

A false courage is when a person's mindset defies reality. Often, this false courage is rendered by peers around us for the sake of making us confident and cheerful. People who are living in false courage are people who cannot see the reality and the truth of their reality. Everything that comes with false always have a negative impact in our life and this false courage too, impacts really badly on our way of living.

The effect of false courage is true in our life. People start to say that they are slim where they are actually fat. Teachers say that every student is smart in their subjects where in fact the student himself is not capable of catching up the lessons. Those mentioned are concrete examples of how false courage has lived among us. Fat people who think that they are slim are not considering what they eat. They munched the truth of their body resulting to a more fat of them. This should be a concern to most motivators around the world who are giving false courage; their words are contagious.

So, the question of how to destroy this mindset has become an excitement to our thoughtful mind. Truth hurts. This is another reality that people cannot accept. The truth of being fat hurts and the truth of being stupid hurts and that is the only reason why people keep on running from truth. The truth cannot be changed but, potentials are contained in every piece of truth. The truth of you who are not excelling in mathematics has a potential in english maybe, while...
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