Fall Syllubus

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University of Toledo College of Business Administration

BUAD 3050 Information Technology Management
Course Syllabus Fall 2012 Blackboard site: www.dl.utoledo.edu 3 credit hours Instructor: Abha Sinha Office: ST-4027 E-mail: abha.sinha@utoledo.edu Phone: 419-350-6530 Office hours: by appointment (I will check my email normally Mon-Wed 10 am-12 noon.) Text:  Baltzan, Page, “Business Driven Information Systems”, McGraw-Hill Irwin, (Custom Book) ISBN- 978-1-121-57518-9  This book is a shorter version of the original book by removing 2 chapters. This is based on Second edition and not first edition. If you get to their website check the second edition and not the second. Last two chapters are different in second edition.  I will be using only 9 chapters for this class. I will not be using Chapter 7.  You can also get e-book ISBN-110-5-120-21730-8.

Course overview and objectives: This course intends to provide the student with a foundation of basic information technology concepts in business organizations. The concepts that are going to be introduced in this course include: the Information Systems in Business, Modern Organization in the Digital Economy, Ethics, Privacy, Information Security, Data and Knowledge Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and 21st Century Global Business. Upon successful completion of the course, a student should be able to:   understand the role of information technology and information resources in business  be familiar with the new models of doing business  understand how IT can be applied in different areas of business  know the basic ethical issues related to IT  be familiar with the basic concepts related to organizational information systems  understand the effects of globalization and future trends of IT use. Course-specific resources: Course Pack on Blackboard  I have provided all the required materials and data files in the web-board. To complete this course you do not require the CD or to log into the publisher site.


If you want to, additional materials found on student CD which is also available at Web site addresses provided in the book. Hence I did not order the CD with the book to keep the cost of the book low. The sites may require registration and password.

Course website usage and communication: You are required to use the course website (Blackboard) for all course-related communication. You are responsible for checking the website frequently in order to keep all deadlines. Announcements, assignments, downloads, scores, grades and other relevant information regarding this course will be posted there. You, in turn, will post your assignments to the website only and not to any of my other email addresses. I will not respond to emails sent to other email address for course related matter. Course-specific resources: Evaluation and grading scale: (All Quizzes are closed book and notes) There will be 16 individual homework assignments (8 short-answer question assignments and 8 excel assignments), and 8 on-line quizzes. All the assignments are to be completed individually. There are no group assignments. All the quizzes are closed book, closed notes. No reference to any material is allowed. If someone is caught cheating, that person will get F for the whole course and will be referred to appropriate college and university committee for further action. Points will be given for each category according to the following schema. Category Short-Answer Questions Excel Assignments Web Quizzes Total Grading scale: From To 930 1000 900 929 870 899 830 869 Points 240 280 480 1,000 Comment 8 assignments, 30 pts. each 8 assignments, 35 pts. each 2 pts. each question, 8 quizzes, 30 questions each

Grade A AB+ B

From To 800 829 770 799 730 769 700 729

Grade BC+ C C-

From To 670 699 630 669 600 629 0 599

Grade D+ D DF

Course policies and procedures:  Course set up: Course has been...
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