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Topics: DNA, Cell, Gene Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: December 9, 2012
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2. An independent variable is a variable whose variation does not depend on that of another. A dependent variable is a variable whose value depends on that of another. 3. Dependent: Graduation rates of the at-risk high-school seniors; Independent: Intensive study program. 4.

5. If an at-risk high-school senior participates in the intensive study program, then their graduation rates may increases. 6. A theory is a larger in scope than a hypothesis, which is a proposed explanation for a set of observations. 7. The parts of a light microscope are: inclined reversible monocular body tube, virtual image distance 250mm, virtual image, focusable gravity loaded nosepiece, disc aperture diaphragm, in-stage condenser, light switch, in-base illuminator, retinal image, eye point, eye piece, field diaphragm and pointer, arm, infinity corrected zoom objective, object, slide clip, stage, fine adjustment knob, coarse adjustment knob, and base. 8. Low power objective is 10x and high power objective is 40x. (Microscope lab) 9. Clarity is the quality of being clear while magnification is the act of magnifying, make something appear larger than it is, or the state of being magnified. 10. Transmission electron microscope is used to study internal and scanning electron microscope is used to study external. 11. A process that segregates the acid and alkaline content found in the water. 12. Anything below the pH level of 7 is an acid and anything about the pH level of 7 is a base. 13. Activation energy is energy that must be absorbed to contort or weaken bonds in reactant molecules so that they can break and new bonds can form. A catalyst reduces activation energy. 14. Biological catalysts are called enzymes.

List the macromolecules| Monomers for macromolecules| Draw chemical structures| Example of monomer & polymer| Carbohydrate| Monosaccharides| | Monomer: glucosePolymer: Glycogen | Lipid| Fatty...
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