Factors that Influence Self-Disclosure

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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Chapter 2 Self-Disclosure

Factors that influence self-disclosure

*Who you are: Highly sociable, extroverted people self-disclose more then less sociable and more introverted peolpe * Your culture: Your culture views self-disclosure differently, some cultures are more private *Your gender: Research shows women disclose more than men, however men and women mae negative disclosure equally *Who your listeners are: Self-disclosure occures more readily in a small group than in a large group, Dyads(groups of 2) are the most hospitable settings *What your topic is: Your more likely to disclose favorable information than unfavorable

Rewards and Dangers of Self-disclosure
*Rewards- helps to increase self-knowledge, communication,relationship effectiveness, and physiological well-being *Dangers- The more you reveal about yourself about yourself, the more you expose to possible attack. The more others know about you, the more likely they will be able to use against you A. Personal risks

B. Relationship risks
C. Professional risks

Guidelines to self-disclosure
*What is your motivation for self-disclosure.
- is it out of concern or to hurt the listener
*Is self-disclosing appropriate?
- include honest expressions of feelings
-self-disclose in an appropriate atmosphere in which the listener can give an honest and open response *Is the other person also disclosing?
- give the other person a chance to reciprocate with his or her own disclosure *will this self-disclosure impose burdens?
- carefully weightthe potential problems that self-disclosure may cause - ask yourself whether your making unreasonable demands for the listener

Chapter 4 Styles of Listening

Empathic Listening- to understand what a person means and what a person is...
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