Factors Determining Training Design

Topics: Skill, Need, Education Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Factors affecting Training design
An effective training programme should ensure optimum results from the efforts put in designing it. Thus, one should take into account the key issues before & during the training design that may hamper a training programme .Various factors that have the potential to affect the implementation of the training programme are as follows - * Overall Goals of Training

* Define the fundamental goals of training. Identify the domain of learning to be targeted: knowledge, skills, attitude or behavior. Determine any emotional factors to be addressed. Determine if specific skills are to be taught that will require practice and can be measured. * Learning Objectives

* Determine the specific desired outcomes of the training. Answer the question: Upon completion of this training, what should a participant know and be able to do? Define what constitutes successful course completion. Identify the core skills, knowledge and attitudes that are at the heart of the course. * Course Content

* Determine the amount of research and the expertise needed to develop and teach relevant, timely and up-to-date content. Estimate the length of time that the content will maintain its relevance. Determine the total number of trainees and the number that can be taught at one time. Determine the best learning method for the course content. * Course Lifetime

* Determine the schedule, including frequency of training. Develop a way to test the objectives, materials and content for continued relevance. Establish a means to revise and update the course, particularly if it is expected to have significant longevity. * Design Needs

* Ascertain whether this will be a new training or if there is an existing course to be updated. Identify training designers. Determine development time and cost. See how diversity requirements (different learning styles, language, cultural backgrounds, physical needs, etc.) will influence the training....
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