Facebook vs. Fastbook

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Facebook vs. Fastbook
A team of mobile app developers offended by Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg dissing HTML5 have created a Facebook app that they say works better than native versions because of the HTML5 coding. Zuckerberg famously knocked HTML5 in an interview this fall when he said relying too much on it instead of developing native mobile apps was “the biggest mistake we made as a company.” “When Mark Zuckerberg said HTML5 wasn’t ready, we took a little offense to the comment,”wrote developers at Sencha, a mobile app company that focuses on HMTL5 development. Sencha Monday released Fastbook, a mobile app that performs almost the exact same functions as native Facebook apps for smartphones, but is built on an HMTL5 framework. The HTML5 version has faster load times, more responsive formatting and increased ability to toggle between different views without needing to reload information compared to theiOS and Android native Facebook apps, the developers claim. “We set out to show that you can build the challenging parts of the native Facbeook app in HTML5 and we built a framework that makes that possible,” says Jamie Avins, an engineering manager at Sencha. “We believe HTML5 is the technology and it’s ready right now.” FREE CLOUDS! 12 free cloud storage options

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Mobile platforms are a big deal for Facebook. Zuckerberg said during that same interview earlier this year that mobile users are more likely to be active daily users, and therefore give the company a better opportunity to make advertising revenue compared to desktop use of Facebook. TechCrunch recently reported that Facebook decided earlier this year to stop pursuing HMTL5 apps and focus solely on native apps for the Android and iOS platforms. The latest updates to both platforms claim to increase the speed of the apps in loading information.
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