Exw 342 Study Guide

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EXW 342 Final Study Guide

Social Cognitive Theory

What does the Social Cognitive Theory state?
-A person’s behavior can be influenced by observing others within the context of social interactions, experiences, and outside media influence.

What do we know about learning and performance?
-Task can be learned but not performed whereas performance presumes learning Is a result of an individuals training, intellectual capacity, and learning style

What do we know about stimuli and learning?
-Emotional coping responses- strategies or tactics used to deal with emotional stimuli Too much stimuli inhibits learning and performance
Also can generate fear

What are aspects of coping(two main aspects)
-Solving the material or physical problem
-Addressing the accompanying emotion

Social Support and Social Networks
-Aid and acceptance through social interactions and interpersonal relationships.

Know the types of Social Support
Emotional Support-expressions of empathy, love, trust and caring Instrumental Support-tangiable aid and service
Informational Support-Advice, suggestions and information
Appraisal Support-information that is useful for self-evaluation

How do you develop and demonstrate social support to a community of 5,000 -Enhance social networks between overlapping groups
-using problem identification and problem solving

Indigenous natural helper-ppl in the community that ppl already know and trust Gain rapport(find out who they are)
Look at his network and his resourcese
If he knows nothing about help you must teach them

Community Organization and Building

Critical consciousness-a consciousness based on reflection and action in making change -ppl engage in dialog that links root causes and community actions

Consietization and who came up with the term
-It is the consciousness that comes through social analysis of conditions and peoples roles in changing these conditions -It affords communites to enact change

Know committees? Optimal number to have on committee

How do you build and keep ppl interacted in committees? (reaching consensus) 1st-Build your committees(form smaller groups) and address problems 2nd- Prioritize problem by voting
3rd-Come up with timeline
*4th- Allotted $ to each group-everyone gets certain amount of money Person whose problem was chosen gets a little more money

Know what Diffusion is?

What is a Pilot
Pilot- Doing a test run on a small study of ppl before you use it on a big amount of ppl Do this when introducing something to community


Know about the players of the creative process(Who is strongest, and first) Explorer(1st)-searches for new ideas. Spontaneous and rewarding or slow and pondering Artist-cultivation, manipulation, and incubation of the raw materials. Leads to creative revisiting old situations Judge- Strongest of the group. Makes the decision as to continuance or closure where risks are calculated as to shades of bad or good Warrior-campaigns for the new ideas. Never finishes the race may continue with this idea for months or even years.

Creative problem solving
Is a combination of the right side of brain, center for imagination, and left side for source of organization -loss of creativity tied to imbalance of either side
-Ruts are when one side is dominant

Steps to Creative problem solving
1.Description of the problem. awareness, new ideas, new courses of action and evaluation 2.Generating new ideas-not linear thinking but circuitous
3.Idea selection and refinement
4.idea implementation
5.Evaluation and analysis

What is neotony?
-preserving youthfulness in adults
-the need for love and relationships
-the need to learn

Know what Linus Pauling said
-we should increase uptake of vitamin C


Know differences types of validity:
Internal -How are you controlling results
External-is very specific, (I.e. know amounts of calories consumed in weight loss...
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